New Mini Planners for 2012

December 13th, 2011


New for 2012: Pocket-size planners based on our original Droplet planner design. Every monthly spread alternates with a spread of notes pages. The covers are hand printed (with a fun technique that I plan to feature in an upcoming Gift Wrap post!). Each notebook is hand bound with linen thread. Pick one up at my Etsy shop or, If you like the page designs and want to make a larger version of this planner for yourself, find a downloadable pdf at our Droplet Etsy shop.

Holiday Wrap #5

December 12th, 2011


Wrapped with: Wall calendar
Topped with: Paper ribbon and a paper tag

Is your calendar about to expire? Reuse the images as wrapping paper!

The paper ribbon topping this package is inspired by two great ideas from Bonnie Cauble, a designer at CB2. One idea is to layer and loop strips of paper using double sided tape to stick it down at various points. This gives the ribbon dimension. The other idea is to use various hole punches to punch the top layer, revealing dots of the layer below. I added dots of gold glitter paper for a bit of pizzaz. This ribbon combines gray graph paper, a book page, gold scrapbook paper, and gold glitter paper. See more of Bonnie Cauble’s gift wrapping ideas here.

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Holiday Wrap #6

December 11th, 2011


Wrapped with: Red wrapping paper
Tied with: Cotton yarn
Topped with: A cross stitched paper tag and a candy cane

This is a great basic wrapping paper from Paper Source. Find it here.

Using lots of yarn to wrap a package is a fun trend. I love the look of carelessly wrapping in both directions. Just be sure to pull the yarn snug enough that it won’t slip off. You can tie the ends together into a knot at the back, or in this case, into a little bow at the front. I discovered several great ideas like this one at M Stetson’s Etsy shop.

The cross stitched mitten tag is a great DIY project from Present & Correct. You can find full instructions here. I used matching yarn on card stock. And last but not least, wrapped candy is always fun to tuck on top of a package. Yum!

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Holiday Wrap #7

December 10th, 2011


Wrapped and tied with: A cloth napkin
Topped with: A paper tag

Wrapping gifts with fabric is an art form in and of itself. The Japanese call these fabric wraps furoshiki. You can use squares of fabric, cloth napkins, and scarves as wrappers. This pretty napkin is from West Elm. I learned this method of wrapping from a book titled Wrapagami by Jennifer Playford. Follow one of her video tutorials to see how easy it is.

This card stock flower shape is made by a Fiskars punch and attached with double-sided tape.

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Holiday Wrap #8

December 9th, 2011


Wrapped with: Newspaper, a book page, and decorative waxed paper
Tied with: Kitchen twine
Topped with: A punched paper tag

Layer recycled papers onto a package to add interest. Start by wrapping with newspaper. Cut wide strips of various papers and wrap them around the center, starting with the widest strip and ending with the narrowest strip. Tape each strip down at the back. I found this red and white striped waxed paper at a Michaels Arts & Crafts store.

Kitchen twine is a great multi-tasker. You can use it for all kinds of projects.

There are many great punches out there. This card stock flower shape is made by a Fiskars punch. Here’s a tip: punch a hole at the top and then make a cut through the top edge of the tag to the punched hole. Gently pull open the cut portion to attach the tag. You won’t see the cut when the tag is in place.

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Renegade Preparations

December 8th, 2011


Ben snapped a few photos of the action in the studio as we get ready for Renegade. I’m just finishing up some pocket calendars here. Two days left!

Holiday Wrap #9

December 8th, 2011


Wrapped with: Graph paper
Tied with: Paper and string garland

Find various types of graph paper at an art supply or office supply store. Sometimes it is even available as large sheets.

Either purchase or make your own garland for wrapping and home decorating. Grace Street Paper sells a selection of sweet paper garland. If you are up to it, try making your own. One simple solution is to attach circular stickers along a string. Place two stickers back to back, sandwiching the string between them. To make the garland shown here, you will need a sewing machine. Use a paper punch to punch out circles or shapes from card stock. Gently feed the shapes through the sewing machine, sewing right through the center of each. Leave as little or as much space as you like between each shape.

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Holiday Wrap Countdown #10

December 7th, 2011


Wrapped with: Polka dot wrapping paper
Tied with: Garden twine
Topped with: Pressed leaf and paper leaf tag

You can find this exact paper at Paper Source.

Check your garage, shed, or even your kitchen junk drawer to see if you already have a spool of garden twine. If not, head on down to your favorite home improvement store.

Here in California, we still have a few green leaves on the trees. I find them on the ground and place them in books until they are pressed flat and dry. You can also cut simple leaf shapes out of paper and attach them with double-sided tape. Consider other natural objects to attach to packages, such as sticks, stones, pine branches, and flowers.

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Holiday Wrap Countdown #11

December 6th, 2011


Wrapped with: Silver wrapping paper
Tied with: Metallic silver embroidery floss
Topped with: A paper snowflake and a metal rim tag

I discovered this pretty solid silver wrap at the 99¢ Store. That’s right, an entire roll for 99¢!

If you have a stash of unused embroidery floss, why not use it to tie your packages? Use multiple strands together to make it more visible.

I created a template for this snowflake which you can download as a pdf right here. Metal rim tags are available at most office supply stores.

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Holiday Wrap Countdown #12

December 5th, 2011


I am counting down toward the holidays with twelve different ideas for gift wrapping. Stay tuned for more!

Wrapped with: Sheet music
Tied with: Torn strips of fabric
Topped with: A paper ornament and a paper tag

Keep an eye out for sheet music at thrift stores and garage sales.

Tearing fabric into ribbon strips is simple. Choose a lightweight woven fabric that does not stretch. Quilting fabrics work great. Make a small starter cut with a sharp pair of scissors along an edge of the fabric piece. Tear down from this cut; don’t be shy! You may need to iron the torn strips before tying them to packages.

To make simple tag that works for any occasion, cut a rectangle of paper and fold it in half. Write a “to and from” inside and attach it with double-sided tape.

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