Butterfly Scales


Do you know that butterfly wings are covered in microscopic scales? This inspired the combination of materials above: pretty butterfly-patterned paper with pewter fish leather at the spine. The leather has a wonderful scale texture.

Take a look at Kellie’s Fine Leathers Etsy shop to see her selection of fish and eel leathers. They are great for a variety of projects.

5 Responses to “Butterfly Scales”

  1. Amy Says:

    That is a really lovely book!

    Thanks for the tip about the leathers :)

  2. Helen Says:

    This is so beautiful, great combination the fish leather and the paper!

  3. Kellie Fite Says:

    Thank you for the shout out for my Fish Leathers! I really appreciate that you love them and made such a beautiful book from them!

    LOVE ** LOVE ** LOVE


  4. knuckstermom Says:

    Lovely. I really have to make time to make a book. Thanks for keeping me inspired!

  5. angela Says:

    Nice to come across your work again. We are both on Studio magazine and i jsut received my copy today. Love your work! and studio!

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