Holiday Wrap #1


This is the last Holiday Wrap post of the series. Thanks for tagging along!

Wrapped with: Magazine pages
Tied with: Twill tape
Topped with: Origami Star of David and a manila tag

Select magazine pages for their colors and themes.

Look for twill tape at your local fabric store. It will often be available in white, natural and black. If you look at a specialty store or online, you will find a large selection of colors, widths, and thicknesses. I ordered mine here.

Origami makes a great package-topper. In this case, I folded a magazine page that matches the wrap. I learned how to fold this star here. This particular project was tricky, but there are many great origami tutorials in books and online that are much simpler. The manila tag pictured here is available at most office supply stores.

See all twelve wrap ideas for 2011 here.

4 Responses to “Holiday Wrap #1”

  1. Barb Says:

    Thank you for these wonderful ideas. I would be proud to give a gift wrapped like … every one! I especially love this last one. Beautiful.

  2. Helen Says:

    Your gift wraps are all very beautiful, loved to see them all

  3. Jackie Says:

    This is so great and very creative! Not too mention a great way to recycle paper! You HAVE to suggest your posts to this list of Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas >

  4. Bree Says:

    I discovered your blog via Etsy for FB…I just spent the last three days (I should say, “nights”. I have 3 kids!) looking at ALL of your archives! I LOVE it! Your sense of design and handy work is beautiful! I am SO inspired!

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