Holiday Wrap #3


Wrapped with: Freezer paper
Tied with: Washi tape
Topped with: Paper and washi tape bow

Freezer paper, also known as butcher paper, is available next to the plastic bags in most grocery stores.

Have you discovered washi tape yet? The idea for this great crafting material is imported from Japan. CB2′s website shows several ways to use it to decorate packages. I used three different tapes to outline the edges of this box.

I remember my Mom showing me how to make a bow like this years ago. It’s simple and fun! I used strips of green graph paper. To add more color, I attached matching washi tape to some of the paper strips. You can see a step-by-step tutorial here and here.

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  1. Justin Miller Says:

    You are amazingly creative. I am really enjoying your wrapping series.

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