Holiday Wrap #4


Wrapped with: Hand printed paper
Tied with: Felt
Topped with: Button badges

Printing your own paper is an entire subject in and of itself. There are hundreds of possibilities! This clever idea is from Christine Schmidt’s book: Print Workshop. It’s created by wrapping string around a block of wood and stamping. To design your own wrapping paper, consider printing with stamps, attaching stickers, or printing designs from your computer.

Cut strips of felt to use as a ribbon. You can stitch the strips end-to-end to lengthen, or use double-sided tape.

Pin button badges to the felt ribbon to decorate. Try Vis a Vis wet erase markers to write a personal note on one of the buttons. The marker can be removed from a plastic surface with a damp cloth. I made the larger button myself with a tool from Badge-A-Minit. I acquired the two smaller buttons at an Etsy meetup.

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