Holiday Wrap #6


Wrapped with: Red wrapping paper
Tied with: Cotton yarn
Topped with: A cross stitched paper tag and a candy cane

This is a great basic wrapping paper from Paper Source. Find it here.

Using lots of yarn to wrap a package is a fun trend. I love the look of carelessly wrapping in both directions. Just be sure to pull the yarn snug enough that it won’t slip off. You can tie the ends together into a knot at the back, or in this case, into a little bow at the front. I discovered several great ideas like this one at M Stetson’s Etsy shop.

The cross stitched mitten tag is a great DIY project from Present & Correct. You can find full instructions here. I used matching yarn on card stock. And last but not least, wrapped candy is always fun to tuck on top of a package. Yum!

See all twelve wrap ideas for 2011 here.

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