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New Materials with a Vintage Look

Monday, August 22nd, 2011


I recently discovered these two great materials at the fabric store. Their textures really caught my eye. Jute webbing (1) is a strong material that is used as an upholstery support. Ticking fabric (2) is made from cotton and has a traditional striped design. Upholstery-weight ticking feels similar to canvas. Both have much potential for a variety of projects. Don’t you think? I would love to try the jute webbing as a book cover. The ticking will make a great pillowcase (when I get around to it!).

Flea Market Finds

Monday, August 15th, 2011


After a hiatus dedicated to full-time design work, I am happy to now have time for a few other projects. The most exciting thing that I am currently working on is a follow-up to At Home with Handmade Books. Ben and I began work this past weekend at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA. We looked for materials and props to use in the photography for the upcoming book, with much success! Here are a few of the great props that we found:

1. Wood crate
2. Croquet mallets and balls
3. Tooled leather belt
4. Binoculars
5. Lantern
6. Burlap coffee sack
7. Postcard booklet
8. Box of colored pencils
9. Wood rulers
10. Fishing tackle box


My favorite purchase is the petite red lantern. It’s so cute!

I hope to continue to post updates as I work on projects and procure more props for the upcoming book. I have eight months to get it all together!