Bookbinding Class at UCLA Extension


UCLA Extension is offering a Handmade Book Structures course this upcoming Summer Quarter and I’ll be teaching it! Would you like to learn the basics of book binding? Are you interested in being creative and digging into some projects? This is a great opportunity to learn and create a variety of bindings. We will work on projects during class and by the end of the quarter you will have many great projects to take home with you. Enrollment is open to anyone. There are no prerequisites. Class begins Tuesday, June 22, 7-10 pm. I’d love to see you there!

For more information and to enroll online:

14 Responses to “Bookbinding Class at UCLA Extension”

  1. rosie Says:

    oh i would love to take your class! not sure if i’d make it through the nasty traffic after work in newport beach…hmm tempting…

  2. Traplett Says:

    I would love to take a class to learn how to make your library recyle books! Any chance you can offer a workshop locally in south bay redondo beach area on weekends? I’m not able to attend weeknights until 10pm. Pls put me on your list if your ever able to offer a weekend class in south bay RB area! Many thanks!

  3. Leah Virsik Says:

    Congratulations Erin! Sounds like an awesome class! What a great opportunity to learn and be inspired by you.

  4. erinzam Says:

    I don’t have anything planned currently for south of Santa Monica, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated if anything comes up!

  5. Elizabeth Rosemond Says:

    What an amazing opportunity! I’m in Seattle (and very pregnant), but would have taken it in a heartbeat if I were in SoCal :)

  6. kellie Fite Says:

    What a great idea! This sounds like an awesome class at UCLA!

  7. Aaron Pablo Says:

    ooo. takes me back to the good ol’ days when you and ben were around these parts! Hope you find that student erin! wish it were me ;) ps will be in LA July 5-9th, maybe i’ll meet you two this time! Have Fun! ~ ap

  8. Lydia Says:

    I would LOVE to take that class but I’m in Ohio…bummer…I still love your work thought. Congrate to you!

  9. Nicholas Trickey Says:

    Hope you have a good turn out, I still have all the books from the class back in Hays. In fact, I believe it was the exact same class that Aaron was talking about.

  10. goshery Says:

    Oh, if only I lived in the area I would definitely sign up for this class! However, being in Minnesota makes that impossible. Your books are delightful and I love your creativity!

  11. Emily Says:

    That class sounds like so much fun! I love your work and delight in your creations. Do you know if you’ll be teaching it again? Maybe in the fall?

  12. erinzam Says:

    I am not 100 percent sure that I will be teaching this same course again, but if I get good evaluations from my students this quarter, there is a good chance that I will. I think that it may be offered again in the winter quarter. I will be sure to post an update once I know. Thanks for the interest!

  13. Samara Says:

    Do you know if this class will be offered again?

  14. erinzam Says:

    Good news, Samara! I just agreed to teach this same course again at UCLA Extension for the upcoming Winter Quarter. I don’t know the details yet of the day and time, but will post these as soon as I am aware of them. The Winter Quarter is from January through March.

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