Ready to Go



Just a few items ready to head to Renegade Handmade’s brick + mortar store in Chicago. I don’t often sell on consignment, but this seems to be a good opportunity. I hope they look good in shop!

8 Responses to “Ready to Go”

  1. kellie Fite Says:

    Your items would look good in any store! So cute!!

  2. Rebecca Arnold Says:

    These are fantastic! And I love the branding wrap. Great job!

  3. rosie Says:

    looks great, as always!

  4. Bri Says:

    They probably won’t look good…

    They’ll look ‘dang good’.

  5. goshery Says:

    yes, they will look good and I predict they will sell well too!

  6. erinzam Says:

    Gee, thanks everyone! You’re the best!

  7. Annie Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new branding wrap!

  8. iHanna Says:

    Your books are so beautiful, and the ribbon really adds to their charm. Wow!

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