2010 Planner



I finally put together a planner/calendar for myself for the year. I guess March is a little late but better than never! The pages are sewn onto straps (repurposed book spines), which I then adhered to the chip board cover.

The planner pages are from Droplet.

4 Responses to “2010 Planner”

  1. Meg Says:

    Great job! I love it. It’s exactly my cup-of-tea style :)

  2. heidig Says:

    You should make these for your Etsy shop. Love it!

  3. jessiegirl Says:

    these are beautiful! I love the straight up cardboard cover with the horizontal stripes of other book spines.

    can i ask you what kind of stitched binding this is called? Where you sew over the pieces that are glued on the front and back cover?

  4. erinzam Says:

    Thank you! The binding is called “sewn onto tape supports, without kettle stitch”… not a very glamorous title, but functional.

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