One of these things is very much like the other! The design on the right is currently on sale at Target, the painting to the left is my own, created several years ago. Hmm.

Fortunately, Vonster has some great information on copyright infringement. If any of you have had a similar experience, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you did about it.

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  1. catherine s. Says:

    Check out what Ellen Crimi-Trent did when her rug designs were ripped off by Paula Deen’s company:

    I actually have those boots in my Kaboodle wishlist – GREAT design; now I wish it had been an original, instead of copied from yours…there’s nothing worse than infringement :(

    Good luck!

  2. erinzam Says:

    Wow, thanks for the link, Catherine! What a story!

  3. iamthemandy Says:

    wow. you have got to be kidding me …get em EZ

  4. eirikur Says:

    Check out:

    Consider posting about this there. You might get some good feedback.

  5. Stitchybritt Says:

    That totally sucks! Let us know how you go with it.

  6. goshery Says:

    Wow, what a coincidence (wink wink). That is so wrong – it will be interesting to hear the rest of the story if you decide to contact them.

  7. emily Says:

    i have seen similar birds before, i think you are very creative, but i am not sure if you’re the only one that’s come up with a design similar to that?

    maybe i am wrong, or missing something more detailed?

    either way, hope it works out for you.

  8. jackson Says:

    Actually, the first think I thought of when I saw your design was one of the Woodstock posters–very similar.

  9. erinzam Says:

    I agree that all artists are influenced by the work of others, I know that I am. But I try hard to never copy someone else’s work. I probably wouldn’t be so skeptical if there wasn’t a recent trend of big companies “borrowing” ideas from Etsy sellers. I actually found out about this through someone who thought that I was commissioned to create this design for Target.

  10. clairessence Says:

    This may be more applicable to text plagiarism, but full of good resources and guidance for how to go about dealing with content theft when it happens. Hope you can get it resolved.

  11. Luke Bott Says:

    Yours is better Erin! I always loved what you did with the type.

  12. luftmensch Says:

    Sorry, it’s a bird – concentrate on creating not policing and making things what they aren’t.

  13. Lois0607 Says:

    Hi – As you know the boot design is so clearly a copy of your original. There are many stylized birds and similarities will exist without an intentional ripoff. But in unintentional cases, there is always something that is different. Your bird design has very unique tail feathers – as does the boot. The giveaway is that very unique black graphic design that is not exact on the boot but so similar – - and it is paired with clouds. The three items put together spells ripoff.
    I did a search of ‘stylized birds’ in google images and there are so many – but none that look exactly like yours. Keep fighting !
    Does luftmensch work for a company that looks for images to use without permission?

  14. Angela Says:

    I can’t believe how ridiculous some people are who don’t think they copied your design! If someone was just just choose to design a bird.. I don’t think they would have the tail the same way.. and have the black swirlies under it too! Really…
    They tried to make it a little different but it’s so obviously “inspired” by your design.
    I’d be flattered. And hopefully this will work out in your favor.. I’m sure it will. : )

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