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I have a collection of vintage green file folders and am finding new ways to upcycle them. The metal tabs are too rusty to use, but the green card stock is in good condition. For this project, I cut the folders up and combined them with twill tape and plastic photo pages to make small photo albums. The plastic pages are pulled from a second hand photo album. They were easy to sew into the cover using a simple pamphlet stitch. I found the different sizes of twill tape at The albums will post in my Etsy shop on Friday, along with the Idea Index books… coming soon!

6 Responses to “Photo Albums”

  1. Q Says:

    So cute. I have two boxes full of similar gray folders, with the metal tabs still in good shape. I have been looking for an idea like this to use them. I think I am also going to make some of them into journal type booklets for my daughters. Any other ideas?

  2. angela Says:

    Your work is great! I’m glad i came across your beautiful hand-bound books!

  3. Mary Says:

    I love this idea…great use of old materials!

  4. mike murrow Says:

    E-zam, these are rad. How many did you make? Would love to offer them to clients (uh, brides) as an option for their album.

  5. Donna Says:

    Exquisite. Imagination Amplified and so endearing!

  6. rosie Says:

    hi, just came across your blog today and i must say all your stuff is so GREAT! i especially love this album – so creative and super cute! look forward to keeping up with more of your work :)

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