New Paintings


Little critters are filling up my studioerinzam shop! I added ten new friends, each hand painted with acrylic paint on paper. Each is set within a discarded library book, containing a hand lettered poem. Feel free to take a look at all ten of them!

3 Responses to “New Paintings”

  1. Melissa Wagner Sogavo Says:

    Ok Zam- You are extremely inspiring and creative. I want to spend hours with you creating and arting. It was a PURE JOY to sift through your blog and pictures and read posts. You are awesome woman! I want to visit you whenever I get out to California next… Let’s keep in touch artist friend! xoxo

  2. Rachel Eaton Says:

    Hi Erin, Maybe I’m the millionth person to ask this (so if I am, I’m sorry) – but have you ever thought of creating – or at least illustrating a children’s book. I look at your cute new paintings and it’s the first thing that came to mind not just because of the fantastic animal creatures but because of their seeming thoughts as well. :-)

    Always enjoy seeing your creations. See you soon!


  3. erinzam Says:

    Thanks Rachel! The thought has crossed my mind. I guess I’m waiting for a big burst of inspiration! Hopefully someday… :)

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