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I thought long and hard about splitting apart my Etsy shop into two focuses: book binding and fine art. Recently, I gave it a try, and so now my fine art and prints are located at All of my hand bound books and book binding kits are still located at I’m curious to see if it will create a better shopping experience for users. If you have any thoughts on this approach, or have tried splitting apart your Etsy shop, I would love to know how it has or has not worked!

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  1. David Hayes Says:

    I recently have started putting my work out on Flickr and Etsy..and have much to learn. Last night I read your interview in “cloth, paper, scissors” which got me to thinking…so this morning I visited your website and followed the links to your flickr and etsy webs. I must admit that I’m very impressed with both your work…amazing stuff…and how you have everything organized and crossed-linked. I really like your idea of two Etsy shops and might follow suit…one for my photography and one for my fine art. Thank you for the idea!

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