Vintage Library Pockets

While working on a recent project, I did a quick internet search for images of vintage library pockets for inspiration. I found very little online, so I searched through my collection of old library books. I found several great examples and wanted to share images of them so that you can use them for inspiration as well!

6 Responses to “Vintage Library Pockets”

  1. rose Says:

    ahhh envelopes + note cards + typewriters…
    could there be a more perfect combination?

  2. Lydia Says:

    Cool! Love the handwritting..especially the one with the little kid handwritting.

  3. dale Says:

    i love these! thanks so much for reminding me of their existence.

  4. Donna Says:

    My daughter sent me your web site link… saying,

    “This blog is making me happy.”

  5. Robin Says:

    I was looking for a library pocket image and came across yours. I hope that it was okay that I used it! If you want me to reference your blog, I would be happy to.

    I am pleased that it also gave me a chance to look at your blog! I love it! I tried to make a planner a few years ago, but didn’t come out quite right. You have inspired me to try again.

  6. erinzam Says:

    Hi Robin, glad these could be an inspiration to you as well. Best of luck making your own planner, a bit of trial and error and you’ll have the perfect thing to keep you organized!

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