Santa Monica Festival – 2009




The Santa Monica Festival came and went, and Ben and I had a great time. We debuted a new way to present our prints, mounted to wood blocks. We also made a special effort to make as many of our products earth-friendly as possible. Our prints and block prints were all printed onto 100% post consumer recycled papers, the wood for the blocks came from sustainable sources, and most of the books were made from recycled materials.

Many of our friends made it out for the festival, and we had a fun time spending the beautiful day together. We also met up with a couple other great Etsy sellers, Ohma! and Tyler Bender Book Co.

4 Responses to “Santa Monica Festival – 2009”

  1. cindy Says:

    your stand looked wonderful!!!

  2. Elizabeth Rosemond Says:

    Really fantastic!! Seeing all of the books on the shelf gives me goosebumps :)

  3. Bri Says:

    Your display is great! PS – LOVE your blog. Can’t stop commenting.

  4. katelynjane Says:

    Ok. Wow. I LOVE your shelf of books! Seriously I could look at that picture all day!!

    And Ben’s blocks are freaking cool too! When we have kids (in the next year or so) I’ll be buying some of his art to decorate the baby room. I love the bright and fun colors!

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