Geek Books


Brand spanking new! I created these little books from real, vintage computer punch cards and green bar computer paper. This is an ode to the computer lover in notebook form. They’re actually great for non-computer lovers too, since they tuck nicely away into a pocket for jotting notes on the go. They are entirely handmade, from the hand cut pages to the custom button and string closure. Pick up your very own in my Etsy shop.

Many thanks to my friend, Peter, who discovered these cool computer cards and came up with the idea of turning them into little books!

7 Responses to “Geek Books”

  1. Albert Says:

    Very cool,amigo…cheers from Peru.

  2. Albigensia Says:

    Wow – I haven’t seen that green and white paper since college! Ah… it takes me back.

  3. Bri Says:

    These are hilariously geeky. And so cute! True story: my grandpa once re-programmed all of the NASA computers by hand because one of these cards was punched wrong and was messing up the calculations. Wow.

  4. Jaylene Says:

    How do you get such nice rounded corners? I noticed your map books on etsy; the coverboards also have rounded corners.

  5. erinzam Says:

    I use a corner rounder… I’ll post a picture of it in a new post! I bought it off of ebay and it works great.

  6. Radantahrir Says:

    it is very nice idea. I link to it:

  7. erinzam Says:

    Thanks for the link!

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