Bingo Books – part 3 (papers)


Next step, papers! I decided to use a large selection of papers for the pages inside of the Bingo Books. I like the eclectic look, and a mixture of papers are fun to sketch on. These are the papers that I chose and where I found them:

1. Lemon paper – This 100% recycled paper is a mixture of tree free agricultural by-products and post consumer paper waste. Purchased online from EcoPaper.

2. Cigar paper – Like the lemon paper, this is also 100% recycled. Purchased online from EcoPaper.

3. Strathmore Sketch premium recycled paper- Nice quality sketch paper, made with 30% post consumer waste. Purchased from Dick Blick (also available in most art and craft stores).

4. Primary writing tablet paper – This is like notebook paper, but the ruling is large for kids to practice their lettering. I had this notebook lying around, but I imagine that this paper is available in any school supply store.

5. Grid paper – I love the Ampad Gold Fibre Planning Pads. They have grid paper on the front, and ruled paper on the back of each page. I purchased this at Staples (also available at most office supply stores).

6. Ruled paper – I have so much ruled paper left over from school! I guess I should have taken more notes.

7. Green bar dot matrix paper – This is the old style techie paper used in dot matrix printers. It is available on Ebay.

8. Old paper – I inherited a giant bag of this when a friend moved.

9. Computer printouts – After using both sides of leftover computer printouts, they can then be recycled one more time into sketch paper.

10. Sheet music – Damaged music books make pretty papers. I found these at a second-hand store.

11. Discarded library book pages – Even if the covers are falling off of a book, the pages may be in perfectly good condition. Keep an eye out for free books being discarded at your local library. The cute illustrations inspire me when I find them tucked into my sketch books.

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  1. katelynjane Says:

    I love this series (: Seeing all your steps and the supplies you use to get to the final result is really great! Cant’ wait to see the next entry!

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