Bingo Books – part 2 (pocket envelopes)



Whew! I finally did a bit more work on the Bingo Books (which I first mentioned in an earlier post). I decided to use paper scraps, leftover from making the covers, to create little library pockets. I plan to glue a pocket inside each book cover.

Here are the steps that I took:

1. Carefully pull apart a library pocket. If you don’t have one, you can use this downloadable PDF template.

2. I need my pocket to be a bit smaller than a regular library pocket, so I folded and taped my template into a narrower shape. When your template is to size, place it onto your paper and trace it with a pencil. (Be sure to make pencil marks for the fold lines)

3. Use a bone folder and ruler to score the folds. Use a ruler and craft knife to cut out the envelope.

4. Fold the envelope and adhere the flaps with either double sided tape or glue.

5. Voila! Cute little library pockets!

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  1. Sandi Hester Says:

    Erin, I LOVE these little pockets – they are TOO cute! You are very generous in giving us the PDF template. I can’t wait to make some of these! Thanks again – I love seeing your stuff! What kind of glue do you use for things like this?

  2. erinzam Says:

    Thanks, Sandi! I sometimes use a glue stick (if I’m impatient for the glue to dry quickly). If I need some serious adhesion, I brush on a thin layer of bookbinding pva (white glue) and press under a stack of heavy books. For these envelopes, I used double sided tape (for instant gratification!).

  3. Mary Says:

    Thanks for passing along the template for the pockets…I love what you are making you are making your pockets from. Great idea about the Bingo book! I’m getting nearly ready to sew my cereal box book together(crossing my fingers).

  4. Mary Says:

    oops…I didn’t proofread my comment very well…lol

  5. Sandi Hester Says:

    Thanks Erin! You gotta love the glue stick :) . I did some pockets – I’m working on a wedding gift and I used the shower invitation and wedding invitation to make the pocket and “library card”. I’m making it into a framed piece of art. I should have it posted on my blog early next week. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. Lotta Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the PDF!! Love it.

  7. Sandi Hester Says:

    Erin, I finished my art piece with the library pocket – I posted it on my blog ( and I put a link to your blog so everyone would know where the inspiration (and instruction) came from. Thanks again! The bride I gave the art piece to loved it. She loves libraries and reading so it was a neat gift for her.

  8. Raquel Raney Says:

    you are so talented!

  9. Nick White Says:

    Wowzer! These are great. As are all of your books and work up here. It’s great to see all the workings out and the fact you’ve made the template available is very generous indeed. It’s brilliant to see someone so willing to share their ideas, skills and methods so openly. It’s very admirable especially when so many people get so het up about work or ideas or methods being copied by other people on the net. Of course this is not to say it doesn’t happen or it is acceptable but sometimes an idea or method can be shared and reinvented by people in so many different ways that it just keeps developing .
    Apologies I actually just wanted to say thank you for the great post and blog but went off on one there.

  10. Christy Says:

    Thank you for the pdf template! I bought some cute cardstock at the Dollar Tree and I’ve been printing the template on it. These are going to be so cute!

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