2009 Planner

Here are a few photos of a custom planner that I created for 2009. The inside page design is similar to that of a planner I made last year, but the cover is very different. I used prints of the client’s own beautiful collages for the front and back covers. You can see more of her artwork here.





12 Responses to “2009 Planner”

  1. Sandi Hester Says:

    So glad to see you back!!! I just love looking at your work!

  2. Leah Virsik Says:

    I so enjoy seeing your work Erin and what you’ve been up to. It’s always a treat to see what you put up on your blog! I’m inspired to purchase some library pockets now which I found on BarnesandNoble.com doing a quick search.

  3. Shelley Says:

    This is just amazing. Love your work! Is this something you are planning on making for your Etsy shop, or was it a one-off? Either way, very very cool.

  4. erinzam Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind comments! This project was made to order and is completely one-of-a-kind. I do hope to prepare the files that I designed for the date pages and make them available for download to anyone. That way, other people can use the designs to make their own planner. It’s on my to-do list, so we’ll see when I actually get it done! haha

  5. Rachael Says:

    I am seriously IN LOVE!! Wow this is talent. I would love to make a planner like that. I think the coolest thing is the namd that keeps it closed. I would love to use your templates if you posted them :-)

  6. noella Says:

    yaaaaay erinzam is back!!! very inspiring work i just love to see what youll stitch up next :P

  7. heidig Says:

    So cool…would love to have one of these. Will you be selling them?

  8. katelyn Says:

    This is so awesome! I love your planners Erin!

  9. Karen in VA Says:

    I am in LOVE!! This is so awesome! I adore the inside pages…would love to have one too…wow!

  10. brandie Says:

    wow! this is amazing! i’ve been making my own planner…but it doesn’t come close to the coolness of this one. great work!

  11. Marmie K. Says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love this!!! I have been looking at your website and missing you… I miss the adventures we had. :) Your are so talented and creative. MKS

  12. angie Says:

    That’s simply amazing.
    Do you also make planners for school, with a page for each day to write homework? i’d love it!

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