Holiday Gift Tags




I turned a selection of these hand screen printed inventory tags into fun holiday gift tags. They are ready to stamp and fill out with your own info! Available on Etsy

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  1. DangerDom Says:

    These are great! Did you screenprint these yourself? If so, where do you buy the tags from?

  2. erinzam Says:

    Hey Dom! I used a Print Gocco to print onto manila shipping tags. I purchased a giant box of them at Cheesy store name, but great prices!

  3. DangerDom Says:

    That’s awesome, thanks for the tip. Any hints on where to buy a Print Gocco from? They are getting hard to find.

  4. katelyn Says:

    Cuteness!! I love this idea!

  5. erinzam Says:

    I lost several auctions before I finally got a Print Gocco off of Ebay. Here’s one tip: The PG-5 is pretty much exactly the same thing as the B6, except they are different colors and the instructions for the PG-5 are in Japanese. (You can find the instructions in English on the internet.) I was able to find the PG-5 for less money since it was created for a Japanese audience, vs. the blue B6, which was created for an American audience. I’m not sure if this is still the case, it seems like the auctions vary quite a bit. The real bummer is that the supplies are getting hard to find. :( I wish I had all the tools and space to do “real” screen printing, but the Print Gocco is so ideal for a small, clean apartment. I hope that it doesn’t go extinct!

  6. Grace Says:

    The B6 was discontinued some time ago. However, you will find that materials are interchangeable. PG-5 instructions have always been available in English! They come with the equipment or you can contact the company and they will send them to you.

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