Pillowcase Books


These are the first finished products to emerge from a recent interest in soft cover bindings. I was inspired by nighttime journaling and the way that so many ideas flow the instant your head hits the pillow. Their design also relates to the concept of hiding secrets inside or underneath a pillowcase.

The covers are created from vintage pillowcases. I first bound the pages by sewing them to a grosgrain ribbon with the kettle stitch. I then hand sewed the covers to the bound pages. My favorite part was creating the laundry care icons and designing the book plates for the front and back. I printed these designs onto iron-on transfer paper and adhered them to the ribbon extending from the binding.

See more photos of the finished books here.

If you would like to take one of these books home for yourself, they are available for sale in my Etsy shop.




16 Responses to “Pillowcase Books”

  1. Derek L. Says:

    Sweet dreams!

  2. Natascha Says:

    What a clever idea! I love it!

  3. Ali Says:

    How wonderful! Love the laundry label.

  4. Lauren Says:

    Oh, what a neat idea! After the move, I may have to try it. You have inspired my recent attempts at book making – thanks!

  5. katelyn Says:

    Erin Zam, I just love it when you have new entries!! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog (: Keep posting girl! You’re a real inspiration!!

  6. islandjen Says:

    wow…those are freakin’ brilliant…so perfect….! and i swear i had that exact bottom pillowcase when i was growing up!!

  7. Jen Says:

    Oh these are just awesome! Love it!

  8. Danyeela Says:

    Amazing! I’d take them all into my bed, for sure! :-)

  9. Julia Says:

    I agree with Katelyn, I get so excited when you have a new post :) Bookmaking is such a love of mine, so it’s a double excitement for me! LOVELY!

  10. Leah Virsik Says:


    It’s always great to see your posts as well. These books are so sweet. Great idea. It’s great to see your process, your sketches. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Jeska Says:

    Just found your blog via your etsy shop and wow! So many amazing things you create. I adore your concepts : )

  12. Linn Says:

    Great idea, as always. I love this. I’ve never tried bookmaking, but it intrigues me. Thank you!

  13. Erin Z Says:

    I ADORE these!

    Your blog/work is new to me today, I saw a cute little post about you on Swissmiss and was struck by the “Erin Z” since I am Erin Z too!!

    Are these available somewhere?

  14. erinzam Says:

    Oh! I’m so glad that there is another Erin Z. out there somewhere!

    Silly me, I forgot to post a link to these books in my Etsy shop… http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13402273

  15. Diana Says:

    Neat! AND I used to have that exact flowered pillowcase when I was a kid!

  16. henny Says:

    Wow, that pillowcase book is so useful. Thank you!

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