Happy Belated Earth Day!


I’ve been working on a selection of earth-friendly goodies lately. In order to reduce my large collection of paper, linen thread and book cover scraps left over from other projects, I created a new group of “Recycle Bin Books”. Each one is completely different. They make me think of little patchwork quilts. A few are currently available for sale on Etsy, with more to be posted throughout May.

Another attempt at recycling studio scraps culminated in a series of mini collages. I had several screen printed tags left over from a previous project and thought long and hard about how to recycle them without actually dumping them in the recycle bin. This project turned out to be extremely healthy for me, as I wasn’t concerned about how they turned out. I just went for it and had a great time cutting, gluing, drawing and writing little phrases. Of course, some of them turned out terrible, but others I like quite a bit. A selection of the better ones are posted online here.

Please feel free to post links to some of the eco-friendly projects that you are working on lately! I’m always interesed in new ideas and love to see what others are creating.





4 Responses to “Happy Belated Earth Day!”

  1. cindy k Says:

    your work is wonderful. i love the collages.

  2. Amanda Says:

    You are my hero, these are gorgeous! I love the details inside the books and little tags.

  3. Avie Says:

    are the mini collages available for purchase? I want one.

  4. Pearl Maple Says:

    Followed a link where others are posting about your recycling via creative mini books and a great job that you are doing with them. Very creative off you, thanks for sharing.

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