123 Mini Tag Books


Here they are! Earlier I mentioned a special project that I worked on in conjunction with the online shop, Three Potato Four. We came up with a set of three little books made from inventory tags. I screen printed numbers onto the covers with a Print Gocco, lined them with special papers and bound them using a pamphlet stitch. Each set is bundled in a little handmade muslin bag. I think these would be fun for grownups too!

Here are a few more cute items available through Three Potato Four’s brand new Kids section:





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  1. Molly Says:

    I saw (and bookmarked) these adorable 1,2,3 books on three potato four’s site a while back. Delighted that I’ve found their origin here — with you, today. Your stuff just oozes fun!

  2. Julia. Says:


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