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Ready for some tips and tricks? I am currently working on an illustrated tutorial of the coptic binding, which I plan to post soon. In the meantime, here are a few great resources for other tutorials and inspirations.

My favorite published resource is a book by Keith A. Smith entitled Volume I Non-Adhesive Binding: Books Without Paste or Glue. This guy knows his stuff. Although he has several other books available, I suggest this one to start off with. He begins with the basics, such as what tools to use and how to fold your paper and eventually illustrates several dozen different binding variations.

There are many online resources as well. Brian Sawyer has a great collection of bookbinding links here, which include everything from thorough tutorials to inspirations. Even more links are available at The Book Arts Web. I also discovered some great information at My Handbound Books. This blog has a selection of tutorials and ideas as well as a fantastic list of resources.

Last but not least, I suggest enrolling in a bookbinding class or workshop. This is often the quickest way to learn. Check out your local paper or art stores as well as local colleges and art centers to see if they offer any classes of this sort.

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  1. alexandra Says:

    i found your recommendations extremely helpful and just wanted to say “thanks” and keep the good stuff coming, I’m definitely a Fan!

  2. tahsin meister Says:

    wonderfull,I’m definitely a Fan

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