After moving, unpacking, arranging, etc. the studio is finally ready to be unveiled! I share a studio space with my husband, Ben Schlitter, although most of the time I am the one who has my stuff all over the place. Between the two of us we use this space to design, paint, draw, illustrate, photograph, screen print, bind books, sew, make various things out of paper, pack up our Etsy orders, you name it. This is the perfect place for a couple of art nerds to hang out.

One of my favorite things in the room is the red table (click on the top image to see a larger view), which was originally found by Ben, brown and ugly. A fresh coat of red paint spiced it up. This is the spot that I’m constantly trying to keep clean, but as you can see, no matter how hard I try, it always ends up covered with stuff! I am also quite fond of the small poster section in the corner, which includes beauties from Hatch Show Print and Gardner Design. Let’s not forget the “shelf of goodies” above the computer. A selection of goodies near a Mac is a necessity for every graphic designer. Some of these include: packaging for a real Russian robot and mini parking garage, little wire bicycles from Thailand, a few wind up toys and bobblehead creatures, and the obligatory rubber chicken.

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  1. Jonathon Says:

    Dang the Phil Collins reference. Two words: brain tape. Oh well. The studio looks great! And so does the new iMac.

  2. My name is Julia. Says:

    Middle photo.
    Box with robot.
    There is written – робот (robot) :)
    So nice.

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