Repurposed Cassette Tapes


I recently hit the found object jackpot. After discovering the potential that cassette tapes hold as book covers, a whole world of possibility opened up. I started out using a cassette as the front cover of a book and its matching lyric insert for the back cover. A few of these are pictured here: Indigo Girls, Lionel Richie and Bruce Springsteen (I can’t help but laugh at Bruce’s butt on the back cover). Recently, I paired some unusual cassettes with old book covers. I love the uniqueness of these. Now that garage sale season has started… I may be unstoppable!

9 Responses to “Repurposed Cassette Tapes”

  1. Bibliophile Says:

    Great idea! Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it ;-)
    I have hundreds of tapes I never play any more but haven’t been able to bring myself to throw away.

  2. erinzam Says:

    Yay! The tapes are great for coptic binding, because they already have holes in just the right place for sewing them to the pages. I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see if you make one!

  3. gerrijo Says:

    What an amazing idea, you are such a good up cycler!

  4. ellen Says:

    i am always so impressed with the stuff that you come up with! you are my upcycling hero! YAY!

  5. Nini Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog… and I absolutely LOVE it! You’re very creative and innovative with your ideas!
    Will definitely be back for more… but for now, I’m gonna snoop around a bit more!

  6. Gypsy Purple Says:

    I totally love your blog and your very creative approach to recycling!!!!
    Would love to see more!!!!

  7. IndigoGirl Says:

    Hope you don’t mind, I’ve linked to you from my blog!

  8. kokifoster Says:

    I saw you on Etsy. Wow, I love your stuff. I am getting ideas for project to make with my students k-6. I have used plenty of recyled materials at school. This is a good one. Thanks Koki

  9. Indie-guest » Blog Archive » cassette & LP Says:

    [...] Erinzam (tnx again and again Sion :) ) ha scoperto le cassette come valide copertine dei quaderni. Molto particolare รจ anche la rilegatura. [...]

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