12 Month Calendar in Tags


This project began several years ago, when I was enrolled in Graphic Design 2 at Fort Hays State University. I always tried to do my assignments as far ahead of time as possible, but being extremely picky about the concept and design never left me much, if any, extra time before critiques. This began as one of those “work on something for two weeks and get a much better idea the night before it is due” kind of projects. I ruminated over the meaning of a calendar for two weeks and realized that it’s just a way to put a tag on time. That thought provided me with a unique format.

I recently revisited this old project to redesign it. I drew inspiration from antique tags used to label industrial materials. This provided me with the idea of filling in the dates with a pencil, so that the tags can be reused from year to year. In my research, I also discovered a wealth of patterns and typefaces from this time period that lent themselves well to the project.


For the first edition, I created 60 sets of calendars. I purchased the tags from a local office supply store and used a Print Gocco (a handy dandy screen printing tool) to print them as well as the packaging. I sold most of these via Etsy at the beginning of the year. I am currently printing a second edition of 50 for Coudal Partners Swap Meat, with a few changes here and there to differentiate from the first edition.


2 Responses to “12 Month Calendar in Tags”

  1. nicole shelby Says:

    I just found your blog, and my whole day has been derailed because I can’t stop looking at all your art! I’ve been going back through your archives soaking it all in.

    But, these Calendar Tags, stopped me. I can’t stop looking at them. I NEED them. Do you still have a set you would be willing to sell to me? They are just so cool. The typography is amazing. The design makes me happy. The idea is brilliant. Please, let me know!

    Thanks so much!


  2. Mia Says:


    I love these! Where can I buy them? I’m interested in a wholesale purchase, but not sure if that’s something you do.

    Please do get in touch!

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