Etsyjournal Book 6

Etsyjournal Book 6


Etsyjournal is a collaborative art project for the Etsy community, organized by artists Lauren (StellaLoElla) and Heather (DecadenceDesigns). The project centers around a blank handmade book which is passed from one Etsy artist to the next. Each artist has the opportunity to fill one spread of the book before sending it on. Once the journal is filled, it will reside in the library at the Etsylabs in Brooklyn. The project is doing fantastic, with four books already in circulation and a second round on the way.

I had the great opportunity to create etsyjournal number 6. Although the book needed to fit within certain guidelines to function for the project, the cover and title page were a blank canvas. For the cover, I stitched together pieces of vintage wall maps (found in a dumpster!). Not only do I love the vibrant colors of these maps, but they lend themselves perfectly to the concept of the etsyjournal project. The project brings together people from very different locations and backgrounds in a unique way.


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